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Dogs: Heine [Smirk]
For the second time ever in my life as a college student I had to do something academic during Sunday.

... I think this means my school is some kind of serious, not as serious as SOME OTHER SCHOOLS but not as laid-back as other schools out there.


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Schools can be very different from one country to another, because the only year where I could have most of my weekends free was my year in Britain, but I can't say it happened much in France.

WHAT? Like, legit classes meeting and everything? The first one was because of some stuff we had to see outside of school and this was the first time it was legitimately classes :))

Oh, God, no! Now that's strange the other way around. We occasionally caught up on missed classes on Saturdays, but never ever on Sundays.

Yeah our school just did Sundays. We also did classes on days that were supposed to be holidays! Not that I blame them because missed classes and all because of epic typhoons but it's funny XD

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