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Kindle deads = new Kindle for Voidmancer
Dogs: Heine [Smirk]
My Kindle's been dying the past few days. It randomly freezes and therefore prompts a restart. When restart is over, it indexes the entire library and therefore draining the battery like no tomorrow, only to die once again. At first it wasn't so bad, then it just got really bad. I have installed the screensaver and font hack and thought they might be causing the trouble as everything seemed to be related to the software and decided to do a factory reset in attempts to fix it. I tried all day with little avail. I could read but after awhile the buttons stop responding, the whole gadget just freezes until 10 minutes are up and it has to shut down and restarts when it finds out it can't.

It's very interesting to see how a gadget deteriorates in such a fashion. I haven't had the pleasure of seeing an electronic device go through the process of dying in very intimate (and often very frustrating) detail. It's quite interesting. At first you're at the point where you're sure it's just a little hiccup, then things get worse and worse and even worse until it even hangs while restarting and worse still when it completely freezes for the whole night, not once successfully triggering the restart by itself and at that time you know it's really just dead.

I removed the back cover of the Kindle to see the innards, nothing noteworthy except that the sim of the 3G device will not come off, lol, not that I have anything funny I want to try with it. I haven't taken everything apart yet though, although I'm really interested to see what an e-ink screen looks like from the other end. Beautiful stuff those things.

So in light of my Kindle Keyboard dying on me, I had no choice but to simply get a new one. Of course I have an android tablet, but it does a very poor job of helping me actually enjoy reading novels. Tablets get manga and heavy school reading materials, Kindle gets novels/reading materials from school that only involve text.

Sooo I got a Paperwhite (wifi with ads removed legally). Mom was surprised how fast I up and went to arrange a delivery because I absolutely cannot go without one in the middle of my "reading spree" and the old one had to die during then. :| There went the funds I pooled for a new monitor, but there's little helping it.

The Paperwhite is pretty nifty, not as white as I thought it would be (without the light on, with the light on it's as white as whoa) although the screen when unlit IS a tad lighter than the old Pearl screens. I haven't had the chance to jailbreak it yet, so no custom screensavers to further test with :O but from the chance I got to read on, it's been quite good.

Paperwhite weighs just a little less than the Kindle Keyboard so I guess I'm used to it being a bit heavier (Dad's basic model was super light though) plus I got a case, which added a bit more cushioning and protection of the device than my Kindle Keyboard ever had lol. I could actually, as the Paperwhite page said, read comfortably with both hands. Not only do you tap the screen to change pages, but swiping also works. The touch screen is responsive, doesn't really show fingerprint smudges (as far as I can tell and I put fingerprints over my tablet's screen considerably) and can go swiping page back and page forward with just a few muscle movements, nothing deliberate.

I have no issues over speed, since the page refreshes quickly with a hiccup or so every now and then, which is fine and doesn't really disrupt from the experience. My only annoyance is navigation, although I would think I'm biased from Kindle Keyboard since I am a big fan of hardware page turn buttons, but it's nothing very jarring.

I don't miss the lack of audio features like text-to-speech and being able to port sound files into the device, but I kind of miss the large storage space, even though I only have 300 books in my collection...

I think this new Kindle and me will be spending another 2 years with each other. Hopefully more, since the only reason I think my old Kindle died was because it suffered a particularly nasty fall from my bunk bed. In my defense, it was really dark.


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