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I am constantly reminded that the source of all unhappiness is other people. I don't even want to know why I started becoming a misanthrope or why, in an act to rectify such a mindset, that I still choose to try and find meaningful relationships with friends, family and other people. But fact is, friends, family and other people do not make up the entity that is "society" which is made up of plenty of faceless, formless people who tends to be the number one cause of problems, unfavorable situations and other such shitty stuff and trying to change anything will actually do any good.

People who say it's easier to hate than to love has never hated a faceless, formless mass of people with every fiber of their being that it might just explode but the problem is even if it did explode inside of me I wouldn't have enough combustible fuel for it to do anything productive.

I wish I wasn't born human, or at all even. People who say that "life is a wonderful gift" must seriously be touched in the brain somewhere, because life is not a gift, it's a chore. I'm a middle class person with plenty of luxuries in life and I still find that this life of mine is full of bullshit, frustration and exasperation that I'm not sure if the happiest of life events would even make up for it. I'm tired. Twenty years of life is long enough and from my short life I've seen enough to know that life is just full of shit and the meaning of existence is to momentarily swim up from that pool of shit, find some safe ground, watch as shit floods again so you have to swim back up again. There's no "greater" meaning to life than that, and I'm seriously just very tired.

I didn't choose to be born. I also didn't choose to be born with the biological functions of a woman. When it comes right down to it I don't want to be a woman or even a man, with plenty of responsibilities as dictated by the faceless and formless society. I just want to be left alone, to do what I please and yet life, society, responsibilities, everything, everything is out to get me. I hate it and because I am one powerless person, I am faced with the immeasurable despair of not being able to do anything but to live on anyway whether I like it or not.

There should be a real zombie virus. It would make so much sense. Everyone is slowly turning into a metaphorical zombie anyway. It'll be one big fat joke.

This is a drunk Voidmancer writing an LJ Post
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technocarnival has a new chapter of Merchant Prince up. I swear I will finish this thing even if I have to bleed buckets for it, because last night I had even more ideas to put into it, damn!

But also writing for a few other things, I noticed I haven't written anything for my side-project lately, but am writing a short story. I've completely given up on the school publication, fuck that. I feel better with the laid-back, writers organization that let me talk about Worldbuilding and Characters in Worldbuilding in a seminar with actual people who love to write and understand not everyone has to follow rules in order to be a good writer.


Offending religious feelings, psh
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The Philippines has time and time again demonstrated how religion can really fuck things up and I believe we are now as bad as Muslim states trying to impose religious law into the land. Yesterday a celebrity tour-guide, cultural activist and all around cool guy called Carlos Celdran was convicted of "offending religious feelings" for a protest he did inside a church and is being sentences to jail with a minimum sentence of two months to a maximum of a year, all because he was protesting how the Church was meddling with government affairs. (More info found here here)

This country is appalling. It is run by corrupt government officials who lick the shoes of Church officials for the promise of votes. No one in this goddamn country gives a flying fuck about actually running the country as long as they profit and while the Church preaches shit about love and shit like that, they sentence a man to jail for speaking his mind and protect molester priests and asks people to "forgive". Fucked up.

I love the Philippines-- most of the time-- but it's shit like this with the religion that I hate so much. Most of all, the people of this country LET THEM DO IT, Celdran gets lots of hate mail from apparent religious figures who think it doesn't count when you say nasty things to someone convicted of "blasphemy". Who the fuck gets convicted of blasphemy anyway.

I'd like to offend religious feelings too! This whole goddamn fucking backwards country that JUST PASSED their goddamn reproductive health bill on top of the corpses of hundreds of thousands of mothers that could have been saved if the church weren't so goddamn nosy and the people weren't goddamn sheep SHOULD rise up and offend religious feelings too! Fucking Church and people still wonder why the fuck I left the faith.

But no, there are still more sheep. I really hate people most of the time and I don't know how people can manage NOT to be misanthropic. Sure individual people are fine, but as a whole, the human race and society itself is mostly really just very shitty.

In my next life, I will be very glad to just be a jellyfish.


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