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Oh look I'm alive
Dogs: Heine [Smirk]
I passed thesis (accompanied by so much mind boggling slowness and trouble, but passed all the same) and so my life moves away from college years and I'll be leaving for US on June 4 and I've begun packing in earnest. I'll be there for around six months for an internship my mother set up with a friend of hers she made there years ago and I'm kind of ambivalent about it. There are so many things I want to bring, mostly my PC because there're so much new games to play and my PS3, but I doubt I'll actually have any time doing any of that because internship.

I actually just want to go and chill for awhile somewhere (AND ACTUALLY CHILL because it's sweltering hot here) but I guess I gotta start earning some money and stuff already. Mom is all "I just want you to have a stellar career before you do your thing" and I'm like I hope I ever get the time to do actual shit later. Everyone is all about "do what you want to do now because you keep putting it off you're never going to do it" and I think that's just a load of privilege talk. So much money to earn, so many things to build with that money I'm going to earn and hopefully when I earn enough I get to destroy a couple of things too. All I would ever hope for is to actually just do the shit I want to do on the side, make small slivers of time for it and hopefully not drink myself to death in the process.

So far I've packed summer clothes because it's so hot here it's hard to put coats or winter gearinto perspective. I got a bit miffed that I was being sent away to the US during THEIR SUMMER when summer here is already ending. Really annoying, but mom planned the whole thing out and probably wants me back by Christmas, even though the last thing I want is to spend Christmas here because everyone is so goddamn noisy.

Ugh. What to pack

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Some places have been pretty cool due to the long winter. What state are you heading to? Hopefully you will have some free time while you're here to explore and have fun.

Lol I'll be in Burbank, LA with my relatives so I doubt it'd be cool for long. Mom assures me the nights are cool :| but eh
I'll probably have weekends to myself, if my relatives don't feel like dragging me off somewhere. LA is a bitch to get around in tho without a car >_> and my driving skills and etiquette are all in "Phillippine-mode" that means driving by being mean to others in mind HAHA

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Ah, yeah I imagine driving in LA will be no fun.

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